“We worked with Maxine on a recent commercial for HW Home. She was the voice of the wife of a husband/wife team looking for furniture, and she was absolutely perfect. Sophisticated but not snooty, playful yet friendly, intelligent with humor. She nailed the spot the first time through. I wholeheartedly recommend her for her talent and easy-to-work-with personality.”

Bob Morehouse, CEO
Vermilion Design + Interactive


“Maxine is a complete pleasure to work with and never fails to go above and beyond my expectations. Whether an American or British accent, Maxine nails it take after take. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Maxine for you next campaign.”

John Brancaccio
Park Bench Media


“Maxine is very professional.  I have worked with her for many years on several different projects.  She is thorough and has always delivered top quality work.  I look forward to working with her on our next project.”

Richard Hamilton
New Avenue Studios


“We were looking for a warm, friendly, British female voice to help us launch CALL THE MIDWIFE in the US, and we were very fortunate to find Maxine. She fit the bill perfectly, bringing a lovely touch of humanity to our promo campaign. And she’s a joy to work with as well!”

Eric Yeater
PBS Creative Services


“Maxine is a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism coupled with her wonderful voice quality makes working with her a breeze. Whether she’s using her native British voice or her pitch perfect American accent, you will get that perfect voiceover for your project. In addition, her flexibility with respect to the process – scratch, final record, pick-ups and editing selects – makes our job easier, and the final product better.”

Greg Duncan
Creative Director, GMake.TV


“We have used Maxine Dunn over and over for a wide range of corporate clients, and never have we (or our clients) been less than thrilled with her performance. Her flawless diction, spot-on accent control, emotional range and genuine warmth come through on every take. As soon as she masters a male voice, we will never have to, or want to, use anyone else!”

Francis Piderit
President, Piderit + Partners


“Maxine proved to be an extremely talented and accommodating professional whose work will add significant value to the end product that we hope to produce. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate closely in the production of numerous videos of a variety of types. When that talent has the willingness to accept and incorporate input–and the “chops” to make it happen–it can make for a very effective collaboration. Working with a seasoned, polished, flexible talent like Maxine was a distinct pleasure that I’m confident will produce an excellent result.”

John L. Stelzer
IBM Software Group


“From day one, Maxine has been utterly professional while being a delight to work with. My worries that hiring voice-over talent from overseas for our web-based courses would be hard, dissolved directly when working with her. Perfect tone-of-voice, delivered on time in the right format, and with a warm smile. I could not ask for more. Highly recommended.”

Patrik Bergman
Axis Communications, Sweden


“Working with Max was an uncommon delight! After working on over twenty films, I can honestly say that her talent and versatility are top notch in the industry. Her sensitive and powerful narration gave our film the final polish it needed to impact audiences. If you want top results, work with top professionals. Max is it.”

Brad McLain
Space Science Institute


“In my 20+ years of working in commercial audio production, I have worked with many Voice Talent professionals on a variety of formats; from online courseware, to corporate productions, to TV and Radio commercial spots for National Broadcast. In that time there has been one singular Voice Professional who consistently stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest. Maxine Dunn is without a doubt the most professional, most precise, best rehearsed and simply the fastest Voice Talent I have ever had the pleasure to record in my booth. She always arrives extremely well prepared. Her reads are consistently smooth and well defined. She always seems to understand the content so as to deliver the correct emphasis and inflection in her read. Her diction is impeccable, always perfectly clear and understandable. And she has great control of her tone, providing a wide array of “sounds” and “feels”. I simply cannot recommend Maxine enough. If all the Voice Talent in the world were as fantastic as Maxine, my production life – and especially my editing life – would be a lot easier!”

Gene Crout
Owner/Producer, Audio Digital


“Maxine, you are a complete joy and pleasure to work with. Not only does your beauty shine through, but you exude confidence and intelligence. Thank you so much for helping us with this project. I cannot now even fathom how it would have been with anyone else.”

Anthony S. Maley
Chief Operating Officer
Electronic Payment Systems, LLC


“Maxine is my go-to talent for female voiceovers. She makes our recording sessions a breeze with her ability to grasp a script’s tone and deliver on the first take. Her professionalism is unsurpassed.”

Steve Coppola
Creative Director – Lewis J. Advertising


“Not only is Maxine Dunn the most beautiful female VO talent in the state of Colorado…but she is also a business woman with awarenesses and skills that are awesome. Don’t settle for being an “artist” … thinking like Maxine will propel you towards your goals.”

Alan Sklar
Voice Actor


“If there was ever a one person show it would be Maxine Dunn. As a project manager I have to coordinate talents and clients and that becomes tricky sometimes because of egos on both sides. But with Maxine that is not an issue. Maxine is the most professional talent I have ever worked with, and when you deal with Fortune 500 clients you need a talent who understands direction as well as client perspective. Maxine has the ability to listen to a client and then turn around and give them exactly what they want. When it comes to female talent, Maxine is at the top of a very short list.

Richard Moseley
Project Manager – Xerox Global


“Hi Maxine, we’re working with the same client on a few follow up videos to the first one you did – we’d love to use you again. We loved that the whole process went smoothly, you nailed the perfect tone on the first pass, and you were very professional and easy to work with. The client was delighted with the entire project. I’ll let you know more details when I have them, it looks like three of the videos will be in production this month, hope you have some time for us.”

Jeff Kryvicky
Collider NYC Inc.


“I recently worked with Maxine on a very large training project. Her efficiency saved time and money on the 1000 pages of script. She is my first call talent.”

Dirk Phannenstiel
VP – MediaPro Denver


“Maxine is a consummate professional and working with her is always a pleasure. This year I entrusted two European launch programs, one of which had a very touchy message, to Maxine and the results were major successes. Her warmth and expressiveness really made these shows even better than they’re written.”

Rick Hanley
Director of Production – Pixel Light Digital Media


“Because of Maxine’s talent and professionalism, projects come together smoothly and easily, with fantastic results.”

Scott Mahlmeister
Interactive Graphic Design – Monigle Associates


“I’m your basic no-budget, in-house producer, so it’s a rare treat for me to have a chance to hire a voice pro, and I must say that Maxine was a wonder. She took my video from zero to sixty in no time flat. The program was well received and many commented on how good the narration was. Maxine was really great to work with, quickly providing a couple of sample readings to spec, and then turning the entire script around very quickly. I asked for a couple of line revisions for pronunciation reasons and those came back the same day. If I’m ever lucky enough to again have the budget for v/o I can tell you that Maxine is the first person I’ll call. You should do the same.”

Ron Braxley
Digital Media Producer – UGA College of Education


“Maxine brings a special versatility. I’ve done TalkRadio imaging with her. Had her voice NPR projects. Made her go spunky and hard-sell for marketing promos. Encouraged her to read for a modern rock station. She always nailed it. Professional. Easy to direct. Fun to work with. And for me, she has a creatively well-rounded way about her. I draw images and tell stories. And she gets it. She’ll “go there” with a script. Can’t just have the voice… must bring a brain that’s “wired” a certain way, too, ya know. Maxine fits.”

Marty Cesario
Ingrum Sports Production Network – CET Sports


“I first worked with Maxine in April of 2008 and I must say she is simply the best! After working with difficult voice over talent in the past I was pleasantly surprised at the terrific experience I had working with Maxine. She not only made the process easy but went above and beyond my expectations to ensure my client was satisfied with his television commercial. She is incredibly talented with a terrific range, is an excellent communicator, she’s willing and able to work with demanding clients and on top of it all she has such a beautiful voice! I would highly recommend anyone that has a voiceover need to contact Maxine, they will not be disappointed.”

John Harris
Owner/Producer – Horsepower Productions


“When you’re casting a voice-over artist, you are initially drawn to the quality of that person’s voice. But it’s that person’s ability to take direction that will usually be the deciding factor on whether or not they get hired a second time. That is why I have made sure Maxine Dunn has a permanent place as an on-air voice for Rocky Mountain PBS. Not only does she sound great and read well, she can deliver copy exactly as you ask her to! Whether the read requires a voice that is informative, playful, nurturing or inviting, Maxine’s keen ear and flexible vocal skills nail my scripts every single time. Best of all, the classy, educated character of her voice is one that aligns itself perfectly with the PBS audience. I can’t recommend her enough to any other professional casting her for their next project.”

Scott Darnell
Former Producer/Director – Rocky Mtn. PBS


“Connective, friendly and unique are all words that I would use to describe Maxine Dunn’s voice and delivery. Our radio station was looking for a different sound for our station voice and we were fortunate to come across Maxine and we haven’t looked back since. Maxine is an absolute pleasure.”

Malachi Crane
General Manager


“I used Maxine’s services after she was selected by my client as the ideal voice for their on hold message. I found her to be highly professional and her work was to the highest standards. I would highly recommend her to any production companies. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Stewart Dugdale
Company Director – South Star Music UK


“Maxine is the voice behind our on-demand PowerPoint library system and has really brought our online solution to life. Her professional and enthusiastic delivery electrifies any product and we have always been impressed with her ability to suggest valuable improvements to a script. Nothing is too much trouble for Maxine – a true professional and always a joy to work with. We can thoroughly recommend her.”

Stephen Brabbins
Digital Image Ltd. UK


“For a high-profile project for CBS Network, I needed a voice over artist who could elevate the project to the next level. I knew I could rely on Maxine to deliver. And deliver she did. The client was extremely impressed with the project, but even more impressed with the voice-over. Maxine is a true professional who will continue to ‘wow’ you every time with exceptional reads and speedy turn around time.”

Ken Michaud
Executive Producer – Bozeken


“In business you quickly realize what an important role your image plays. Image is quite often tantamount to a company’s success and must give the right impact to your customers. That is the very reason I contacted Maxine Dunn. Maxine is a professional voice artist that was able to change my mundane phone system greetings into a warm, professional and upbeat first impression for my customers. She has done an incredible job and I would recommend her without reservation.”

Scott Anderson
President and CEO – Union Diamond


“Maxine is a superb voice artist. I have hired her many, many times from my studio in New York. My clients love her, and continually ask for her voice. She conveys an incredible warmth, positivity, and sincerity with her voice that works perfectly for a wide range of jobs and styles. She is also extremely ‘directable,’ and will always make subtle adjustments to a read to get you just what you want. And if that isn’t enough, she’s always incredibly prepared, professional, and pleasant to work with! A true gem—one of the best.”

Joe Mendelson
President – Gramercy Post, NYC


“Hi Maxine, I had the privilege of viewing what you did in our studio today and I had to say, what another fantastic job. It is always such a treat to see your work, you are wonderful. Looking forward to working with you in the near future. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Paul Romero
Video Engineer/Video Editor
Kaiser Permanente Video Communications Dept.


“When Maxine Dunn speaks, jaws drop. A native Brit, she can put her amazing talent to work for you in TWO flawless dialects: US English and British English. I have had the great pleasure of directing her on several occasions. She is truly the consummate professional.”

Susan Berkley


“Maxine Dunn is an absolute pleasure to work with. Great voice and highly professional. Will use her again and again.”

Brandon Hawthorne
Hawthorne, LLC (ad agency)


“As a producer/engineer, I thank my lucky stars for voice talent like Maxine… always prepared, always cheerful, always able to take direction or give a read her own spin… always nothing short of professional. And charming. And classy. She will give your business a great sound and a unique image. Maxine is one of the joys of working in the recording business.”

Keith Hughes
Producer/Engineer – Critical Mass Media Productions


“She is a wonderful talent to work with, as well as a delightful person to be around. That in itself is high level recommendation because personality and professionalism in the studio are often as important as raw talent. And speaking of raw talent, Maxine has really delivered a nice palette of sounds for me and my clients. We have had her as a tough correspondent and a creamy sounding, relaxing invitation. Her value shines when it comes to the range of dialects she possesses, which sound very authentic. She is equally at home with documentary styles and with lightly dramatic voice-overs. I would recommend her, (and have), to anyone looking for a slightly different sound from the normal female voice talent. Maxine is high on my list!”

Paul Vastola
Veteran Engineer – Producer
Rocky Mountain Recorders


“Maxine is my first choice whenever I need a female voice talent. I can count on a warm, caring, polished delivery every time. I have lots of choices whenever I need voice-over or on-camera spokesperson talent. Maxine is always at the top of my list. She has much more than the right voice. She’s versatile, can deliver nuance, and clearly understands how to meet a variety of client needs. Maxine is a real pro.”

Art Luebke
Former Video Communications Manager
Kaiser Permanente


“I have worked with Maxine on many different projects over the last 10 years and am always impressed with the professionalism that she brings to the table. Whether it’s on-camera work or voice-over, she always delivers and takes direction easily. I have used her with an American accent as well as her native British accent, and both work very well, but the thing I like best is how relaxed she is and how fun she is to work with. I have and will continue to recommend Maxine for a variety of project needs.”

Kevin Capra
Executive Producer – Moxie Media Group


“Maxine Dunn takes the stuffiness out of an authentic British read, AND delivers a perfect American read to boot. Talk about handy for casting people, agents and producers!”

Patrick Fraley
Voice Over Teacher and Talent


“We have been doing audio production with Maxine for over a year. Maxine has the ability to do numerous accents, including her native British one that gives us the opportunity to use her for many different types of reads. She is always well-rehearsed and on time for our sessions. I would highly recommend that everyone and anyone should use Maxine for any of your audio needs. By the way if you see Maxine, you will also want to use her for your video and any still pictures too. She is absolutely ravishing and beautiful! Maxine Dunn is a true professional talent!”

Greg Walerius
President – G.W. Media Marketing, Inc.