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Introducing a new voice-over resource for you! “Maxine Dunn’s Voice-Over Business Results Workshop.”

voice-over-business-results-workshop-1sc-imageHi fellow voice-over artists!

If you’re looking for some tangible actions you can take today, right now, to get more positive results in your voice-over business, then you’re in the right place!

This teleseminar series I’ve created, “Voice-Over Business Results Workshop” is for you! I’m so excited to share this new program with you!

You can do all the positive thinking and those affirmations and mantras, but if you’re not taking focused, directed action, they won’t get you anywhere.

What’s most important to get your voice-over business to THRIVE is to take results-oriented ACTION.

If you’re someone who likes to be guided and accompanied by a business effort (instead of being left to do it on your own), then this program is for you.

I take you by the hand and we do these voice-over business exploration and growth exercises together.

Click on the image, above, or CLICK HERE to learn all the details of the program.


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I’ve created a new voice-over marketing resource for you! (And it’s very affordable!)

If you’re looking for some concise, easy-to-implement ideas on…

Mini-Workbook eCover pic w- frame

1) WHAT your best personal voice-over assets are…

2) WHICH voice-over niche market is best for you, and…

3) HOW to best use your voice-over marketing hours…

…then my new Marketing Your Voice-Over Biz, Mini Workbook PDF is for you!

It’s a hands-on, “fill-in-the-blanks” workbook that will lead you, step-by-step, through three of the most important aspects of your voice-over marketing strategy.

You can literally just read the questions and prompts I’ve provided for you, fill in the blanks, and by the end of your session you’ll have a crystal clear picture of what you need to be working on most, and what direction to take with your client outreach.

And it’s just $10.99!

Available as a PDF instant download after purchase, so you can get started on this right away.

I LUV the simplicity of this new resource I’ve created for you!

I’ve even included MY answers to all the questions (as well as leaving plenty of blank space for you to write your own of course), so you can see exactly how I’ve answered the step-by-step marketing questions myself.

And I plan on doing this at least once a month! It’s always a good idea to keep re-assessing how you’re approaching your business, how your skills may have evolved (or.. eeek! devolved!), and how your client base or your business systems may be shifting or needing more attention in one area or another.

I recommend that, after you download the Voice-Over Marketing Workbook, you find some time in your day, or this evening, or tomorrow, to focus on it with single-minded attention.

But do it soon! Don’t wait. That’s one of the primary keys to moving forward in your voice-over biz: Having a “Do it now! Make it happen!” mentality.

Turn off your cell phone chimes and ringer. Turn off your email ding. Turn off the ringer on your home phone. And really FOCUS on this incredibly helpful process to move your voice-over business marketing forward.

Mini-Workbook eCover pic w- frameIn this “Question & Answer” Workbook, I lead you through three of the primary points in your voice-over marketing strategy. You simply have to answer the questions, fill in your answers, and you’ll see the path you need to take clearly stretched out before you.

It’s literally EASY to do!! I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this idea and strategy sooner.

It’s almost like an awesome template for “What should I do NEXT to market my voice-over business?”

I recommend having your calendar or day planner close by as you’re doing this as well, so you can immediately schedule the activities and tasks that will be KEY to implementing your fresh, new marketing ideas.

Ideas are great! I love them!

But you have to actually TAKE ACTION if you want something to happen.

This new Workbook I’ve created for you will help you do just that.

Even if you’re someone who loves to procrastinate and NOT take action! (We’ve all been there!)

It’s impossible to go through this workbook without taking decisive action, and I’ve made it as EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

Click the button below to get your copy and get started on improving your voice-over business, TODAY.

Just $10.99

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Voice-Over Biz Templates PackageHere is a MUST HAVE voice-over business resource for you!


“12 Voice-Over Business Templates”

As a hard-working voice actor, the less time you spend doing busy work, the better. And finding ways to streamline your daily processes and create predictable, efficient systems is one of the best ways to get more done. More easily. And with less effort.

Systems save time, money, decrease your work load and free you from stress.

If you feel that you’re spending too much time on repetitive tasks (client emails, sending quotes to clients for jobs, etc.), and would like to accomplish things more quickly and easily, then you’ll love what I’ve created for you!

Get your copy of my new Voice-Over product: “12 Voice-Over Business Templates” with the added bonus of 3 Voice-Over Business Checklists.

Just $27.00!

And here’s what you’ll get:

  • A note from Maxine on how to use these templates (PDF)
  • Voice-Over Business Expense Planning Checklist (PDF)
  • Voice-Over Website Content Checklist (PDF)
  • Voice-Over Work Agreement Checklist (PDF)
  • Audition Information Template (doc)
  • Cold-Calling Scripts Template, Tips and Strategies (doc)
  • Anatomy of a Successful Cold Call article (PDF)
  • Cover Letter Template #1 (doc)
  • Cover Letter Template #2 (doc)
  • Fee Quote Letter Template for Non-Broadcast Audio (doc)
  • Goal Setting Template #1 – Goal Brainstorm Session (doc)
  • Goal Setting Template #2 – Goal Planner Worksheet (with examples) (doc)
  • Goal Setting Template #3 – Goal Planner Worksheet (without examples) (doc)
  • Invoice for Voice-Over Services Template (doc)
  • Rate Increase Notification Letter Template (doc)
  • Referral Request Letter Template (doc)
  • Testimonial Request Letter Template (doc)

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to purchase and you’ll be on your way to running a more efficient VO biz.

This digital Product is a combination of doc. files and PDFs and your download link will arrive immediately after purchase. Just save to your computer and start taking advantage of these great tools today!

Just $27.00!

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Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy online course, with Maxine Dunn“Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy” My new, self-guided, online course for voice actors

1) Are you reluctant about marketing your voice-over business?

2) Are you unsure about what clients to even contact for work or what “niche” you fit into?

3) Is your contact management system a mess?

4) Do you feel like you need a “brand” but you’re not sure what a “brand” is?

5) Have you let clients slip through the cracks because you’re inconsistent in your follow-up… or don’t even know HOW to follow-up?

Well, if any of these questions speak to you (and I know they do because I’ve heard from dozens of voice actors with these exact issues), then you’ll love this new voice-over marketing course I’ve created.

I’ve heard you guys loud and clear and I’ve created an online voice-over marketing course that addresses all these points and many more as well.

Know you want it right now? Here’s the purchase button to take you straight to the checkout page:

Just $97

Think about this:

What if you had a step-by-step plan that you could work through at your own pace, focusing on what will help YOU most, in YOUR voice-over marketing strategy.

Well that describes exactly this voice-over resource I’ve created for you.

It’s a self-guided, online course that you can access instantly after purchase, and it will guide you through all those murky areas that you’re so stuck on right now.

Here’s the webpage that will tell you ALL about the course, and how it can immediately help your voice-over career and get your marketing strategy dialed in, right now.

I want to help you grow your voice-over business and do it in a way that’s easy, efficient, streamlined and also FUN!
Click the image above or the link below to learn all the juicy details about the course.

Why not make this the year you really get
your voice-over marketing dialed in?

Here’s the link to get the details and purchase your course today!

Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy online course

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The Voice Actor's Tool Box eBook - Beginner's Edition

The Voice Actor’s Tool Box – Beginner’s Edition eBook

If you’ve been thinking about making money with your voice and breaking into the exciting world of voice acting, then what you need is a step-by-step plan and a clear strategy to make that happen.

Created for emerging voice actors who are just getting started in the business, this eBook is jam-packed with everything you’ll need to get going on your career in voice-overs.

Maxine literally takes you by the hand and demystifies the whole process, one step at a time.

Click Here to Learn More!

From choosing a coach to setting your goals; from creating a voice-over demo and website to marketing your voice; from setting up your voice-over office and home recording studio to creating long-lasting client relationships. Everything you need to get started in your voice-over career is right here in this powerful, detailed tutorial.


This eBook is the equivalent of a 12+ hour consultation with Maxine!

Get your copy of this comprehensive voice-over business tutorial, “The Voice Actor’s Tool Box – Beginner’s Edition. Get started in your voice-over career with these step-by-step, low cost strategies” today!

Just $37.00

Click the ADD TO CART button below to purchase now, or click the eBook’s cover, above, to learn about ALL the details of the book, what each chapter contains and what bonuses you’ll get!

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Create Your *OWN* Voice Over Economy. How to TAKE CHARGE of your voice over career and build success for the long term

I want to ask you a question: How’s your voice over business going?

Judging from many of the emails I get every week from my newsletter subscribers and other voice actors, your answer may be “Not so well!”

Or other people use terms like, “I’m worried,” “The economy’s in the tank so what can I expect?” “I’ve lost my mojo and can’t seem to get motivated to get back on track,” or “Maybe I should just find a job.”

Well if you’re feeling even remotely discouraged about your voice over career, or just need a fresh dose of inspiration, motivation, and strategy to revitalize your voice over business, I’m here to help you!

Let me rephrase that: I’m here to help YOU help you!

And if you’re someone just starting out and want to get going with power and focus, I can help you too.

And that’s why I’m SO EXCITED to offer you this live recording (and full transcript and handout) of my teleseminar, “Create Your *OWN* Voice Over Economy. How to TAKE CHARGE of your voice over career and build success for the long term.”

(This is a digital download product so you receive it INSTANTLY after your purchase! MP3 audio recording and PDF transcript and call handout.)

Click the button below if you know you want it now!

Only $47.00

On this special live call recording I share with you:

•    How to condition your MIND for voice over success. (Yes, your mindset is EVERYTHING!!)

•    How thinking of yourself as the CEO can TRANSFORM your voice over business. (And how to do that!)

•    Why your “presentation and marketing materials” matter TONS, and how to make yours shine so clients WANT to work with you.

•    How to build a rock-solid client roster and have them coming back for more. (All about marketing to quality clients!)

•    How to leverage your existing client relationships to grow and expand your profitable voice over business into the future.

•    Things you MUST get cleaned up and taken care of, before you can really move your voice over business forward.

•    How to grow YOURSELF and your VOICE OVER ABILITIES for wider impact and appeal.

My promise to you is that this live teleseminar recording is be jam-packed with strategies and tips to get your voice over business MOJO going!

After you’ve listened to the call (or read the full transcript if you prefer reading content instead of listening), you’ll:

1) feel energized and motivated to start creating your OWN voice over business economy

2) have actionable steps in hand to get going right away on improving your voice-over career.

And most importantly:

3) be able to TAKE CHARGE of your voice over future with motivation, inspiration, and authority.

Get your recording and full transcript and handout of my live teleseminar recording, “Create Your *OWN* Voice Over Economy. How to TAKE CHARGE of your voice over career and build success for the long term”

Click the ADD TO CART button below to purchase

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How to Create Prosperous, Long Lasting Client Relationships eBook

Want to know what will give your voice-over business the longest staying-power possible?

It’s relationships. It’s the ongoing, long-term, connected relationships with your clients that result in repeat business – as well as many very happy clients! (Who in turn refer you to OTHER clients!)

And the fact is, repeat business and the “life-time value” of your customer base is what will give your voice-over career staying power.

You want to think of your business in terms of developing and maintaining relationships, not just “getting the next voice-over job.”

Get your copy of my article compilation eBook, “How to Create Prosperous, Long Lasting Client Relationships today! (57 pages)

Just $12.99

If you’re someone who wants some great ideas on how to create, and most importantly MAINTAIN those long-term client relationships, I’ve designed this eBook just for you.

It’s a compilation of 12 of my most popular newsletter articles on this very subject, and I promise it will help you in your quest to grow and expand your voice-over business relationships for many years to come. The chapters all focus on how to give outstanding customer service and really create superb value for your clients.

So grab your copy today. Then spend a little time this weekend, or this coming week, to read these great tips, ideas and strategies to enhance your client relationships. Then outline your goals and create your to-do lists for the coming weeks to really put these ideas into practice.

Get your copy today!


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VO Fresh Start – Live Teleseminar Recording and PDF Workbook


If you’re interested in creating fresh energy in your voice-over career, and rejuvenating your voice-over career, I have something for you today that you may be interested in.

Just $27.00

Earlier this year I held a live teleseminar titled “VO Fresh Start. Renew, refresh and rejuvenate your voice-over career.”

Well after being asked about its availability as a recording, I’ve now created an MP3 download of the call, as well as a brand new Worksheet PDF to accompany the call so you can not only reinforce your learning but also write down your ideas and strategies for how to implement the information you’re learning.

And it’s available TODAY as an instant download so you can be listening to it within minutes from now!

Click the image above or click the button below to get your copy now! It’s a 60-minute recording of my live teleseminar as well as a 10-page PDF Workbook for you.

Only $27.00

If you’d like to get this VO Fresh Start teleseminar recording and Worksheet PDF, you can just click the button above to go straight to the checkout page.

To read more details about the content of the call, click HERE.