A Made Up Mind Is A Powerful Thing


One of the most empowering moments of your life will be when you firmly make up your mind and decide to do something.

Or make up your mind to NOT do something.

You’ll find that you’re typically brought to that tipping point by either inspiration.

Or desperation.

But either way, it’s a very definite inner feeling of impending change:

Sometimes it’s a small shift in a daily habit, like deciding to exercise before breakfast or balancing your checkbook on a weekly basis.

Other times it might be a massive sea-change, [Read more…]

The Beauty of the Forced Pause

Snow day 3-23-16 electricity out post cont.med w-frame

The view on my snowy patio, about 30 minutes ago.

Just wanted to post here this afternoon… To remind myself, and everyone here, to live your life as it’s happening. To be willing to pause and stay present. In this moment.

And to be very transparent here, if you’re a fast-processor like I am, that can be a challenge!

I think fast, I talk fast, I process information fast, I research fast, I make decisions fast, I walk fast. And that can make me impatient when things aren’t happening “fast enough.” Can you relate?

I’m typically not someone who trundles along, taking her sweet time [Read more…]

How To Brainstorm Like a Rockstar (when you’re alone)

Creative ideas that you can share with the world 6-12-12 Resourceful contIf you’re a creative entrepreneur or a voice actor like I am, you’ll find yourself needing to solve problems, come up with new ideas or create a business plan-of-action on a regular basis. It’s part of our job!

And a lot of the time, YOU are the only person you can turn to for answers!

Yes, it’s great to have a coach, a husband or wife, or a fellow entrepreneur to go to for help, ideas or support, but you’ll find that there may be times where you’re on your own.

YOU alone have to come up with the answers, the plan, the money, the strategy, the motivation, the solution.

On your own.

And you can!

The fact is, you have an infinite number of fantastic ideas, resources and [Read more…]

How to Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Two glasses of home made iced cold lemonade and pitcher on hot summer. CopyspaceWe’re all going to go through challenging times in our business: Times when customers leave, cash flow slows, we have to move and try to conduct business during the upheaval, equipment breaks down at a crucial moment, or some other stressful event takes over.

If you’re in business for yourself (and are a human being), there will be times in your life where keeping your business going seems all but impossible.

You can sometimes feel almost incapable of keeping your thoughts focused on day-to-day business activities and client relationships when you’re feeling frightened, depressed, overwhelmed, or totally frayed at the edges.

And you ARE your business.

You can’t just call in sick and hand your responsibilities off to someone else. This is especially true [Read more…]

Dare to be Different

Zebra Dare to be Different pic sm w-frameDo you sometimes feel that you’re “different?”

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “black sheep” either in your family circle or amongst your friends?

Do you find yourself departing from conventional ways of doing things and forging your own unique path?

Do you feel that your background differs from that of your peers?

I certainly have felt that way.  I come from a family of painters, sculptors, writers, sailors, and master gardeners.  I remember in elementary school that not one of my friends [Read more…]

Be Prepared for Peaks and Valleys

Be Prepared for Peaks and Valleys image 11-19-15If you’re in business for yourself, you know the demands on you are very high these days. It’s as if your capacity to learn and grow and succeed is under heavy pressure. Your mental bandwidth probably feels overloaded to the max sometimes!

Technology is constantly changing, clients need more, more, more, entrepreneurial record-keeping can be complicated, goals have to constantly be set, revised and achieved, and, of course, all your skill sets need to be [Read more…]

Do You Know the Art of Unplugging?

MAX in hatWhen was the last time you were really able to relax? I mean REALLY relax – that is, lie on the beach and listen to the ocean waves or get a massage and not think about anything other than the pleasure and relaxation you were feeling.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur or a voice actor like me, then most likely you are plugged-in to technology and electronic devices almost constantly. Checking emails. Fielding calls and voice-mail on your phone. Texting. Responding. Reacting. All day, every day.

Sometimes you might even feel like you’re addicted to technology. [Read more…]

Remember What You Used to Love? Are You Still Doing It?

Skiing at Telluride sm w-drpshdw frm

Me, skiing at Telluride. I used to ski 70+ days a year! These days? …not so much.

Striving to achieve success is like being in the path of a strong magnet. You’re pulled forward by not only your love for your business, but also by a sense that you want to excel and have to have a continuous pattern of growth. You want to achieve a high level of expertise, to enjoy a recognized position in your field and, of course, reap the financial rewards.

Being a creative entrepreneur really is a wonderful lifestyle in many ways because you’re calling all the shots.

You decide how you’ll spend your time. You determine who you will and won’t work with. You execute the marketing strategies you’ve decided upon [Read more…]

Stop WAITING For Something to Happen

Future self will thank you for CBA 9-15-15Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen in your business?

And by “something,” I mean waiting for:

  • that client to call with a great project that’s perfect for you
  • your agent to email you with that retainer contract you’ve been waiting for
  • a flash of creative inspiration to burst into your mind with little or no effort
  • the 180 pages of the book you’ve been mulling over for years to magically write themselves

[Read more…]