A Made Up Mind Is A Powerful Thing


One of the most empowering moments of your life will be when you firmly make up your mind and decide to do something.

Or make up your mind to NOT do something.

You’ll find that you’re typically brought to that tipping point by either inspiration.

Or desperation.

But either way, it’s a very definite inner feeling of impending change:

Sometimes it’s a small shift in a daily habit, like deciding to exercise before breakfast or balancing your checkbook on a weekly basis.

Other times it might be a massive sea-change, [Read more…]

How To Brainstorm Like a Rockstar (when you’re alone)

Creative ideas that you can share with the world 6-12-12 Resourceful contIf you’re a creative entrepreneur or a voice actor like I am, you’ll find yourself needing to solve problems, come up with new ideas or create a business plan-of-action on a regular basis. It’s part of our job!

And a lot of the time, YOU are the only person you can turn to for answers!

Yes, it’s great to have a coach, a husband or wife, or a fellow entrepreneur to go to for help, ideas or support, but you’ll find that there may be times where you’re on your own.

YOU alone have to come up with the answers, the plan, the money, the strategy, the motivation, the solution.

On your own.

And you can!

The fact is, you have an infinite number of fantastic ideas, resources and [Read more…]

How to Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Two glasses of home made iced cold lemonade and pitcher on hot summer. CopyspaceWe’re all going to go through challenging times in our business: Times when customers leave, cash flow slows, we have to move and try to conduct business during the upheaval, equipment breaks down at a crucial moment, or some other stressful event takes over.

If you’re in business for yourself (and are a human being), there will be times in your life where keeping your business going seems all but impossible.

You can sometimes feel almost incapable of keeping your thoughts focused on day-to-day business activities and client relationships when you’re feeling frightened, depressed, overwhelmed, or totally frayed at the edges.

And you ARE your business.

You can’t just call in sick and hand your responsibilities off to someone else. This is especially true [Read more…]

Marketing Your Voice-Over Business Workbook

I’ve created a new voice-over marketing resource for you!

If you’re looking for some concise, easy-to-implement ideas on…

Mini-Workbook eCover pic w- frame

1) WHAT your best personal voice-over assets are…

2) WHICH voice-over niche market is best for you, and…

3) HOW to best use your voice-over marketing hours…

…then my new Marketing Your Voice-Over Biz, Mini Workbook PDF is for you!

It’s a hands-on, “fill-in-the-blanks” workbook that will lead you, step-by-step, through three of the most important aspects of your voice-over marketing strategy.

You can literally just read the questions and prompts I’ve provided for you, fill in the blanks, and by the end of your session you’ll have a crystal clear [Read more…]

Voice-Over Fresh Start

VO_Fresh_Start_TeleseminarMP3_and_Worksheet_eCoverIf you’re interested in creating fresh energy in your voice-over career, and rejuvenating your voice-over career, (and who doesn’t want a rejuvenated voice-over business?), I have something for you today that you may be interested in.

Just $27.00!

Earlier this year I held a live teleseminar titled “VO Fresh Start. Renew, refresh and rejuvenate your voice-over career.”

Well after being asked about its availability as a recording, I’ve now created an MP3 download of the call, as well as a brand new, 10-page Worksheet PDF to accompany the call so you can not only reinforce your learning but also write down your ideas and strategies [Read more…]

Voice-Over Marketing Time Bites

Hi Voice-Over Friends!

Voice-OverMarketingTime Bites A4 smI’ve created a special free gift, just for my voice-over people, that will help you with ideas on how to best use the time available you have each day – for marketing your voice-over business!

Just click the link below and instantly download the free PDF tip sheet I’ve made for you.

I HIGHLY recommend that you print out this document and start referring to it on a daily basis. Can you imagine how your voice-over business would change for the better if you just did a few of these things each week?

It’s the consistent, persistent marketing activities that you do, over time, that will really grow and expand your business.

So click the link below to download my free Special Report and get started today on improving your voice-over marketing.

Voice-Over Marketing Time Bites. Level 1-5

Sending you all love and blessings!



Stop WAITING For Something to Happen

Future self will thank you for CBA 9-15-15Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen in your business?

And by “something,” I mean waiting for:

  • that client to call with a great project that’s perfect for you
  • your agent to email you with that retainer contract you’ve been waiting for
  • a flash of creative inspiration to burst into your mind with little or no effort
  • the 180 pages of the book you’ve been mulling over for years to magically write themselves

[Read more…]

How to ACE Your First Pro Recording Studio Session

Max at pro studio session, waiting for the client
One of the biggest milestones in your early voice-over career will be working in a professional recording studio.

And having a session in a pro studio reveals one very important fact:

You’re going about your business in the right way!

You’ve been working with a coach, you’ve created a voice-over demo, and most importantly, you’ve succeeded in getting it into the hands of someone who wants to use your voice for their project.

Congratulations! You’re on your way.

You’ll probably have a mixture of emotions: nervousness, excitement, fear and pride, to name just a few! [Read more…]

Anatomy of a Successful Cold Call

Telephone - Cold Calling Can be Fun!First, let’s just get clear: What is a “cold call?” A cold call is a telephone call that you make to someone you do not know to ask for information, make a request, or offer a product or service.

For some reason the term “cold call” has received a bum rap as of late. While it’s true that your website should be pre-qualifying leads (customers and clients) for you, I firmly believe that reaching out to people by phone should be an integral part of any entrepreneur’s marketing strategy.

Some of my biggest-grossing client relationships – clients for whom I’ve been working steadily for years – started off with a cold call from me.

Even if you’re not interested in creating a branch of your marketing strategy that includes calling prospective clients on the phone, [Read more…]

Success Vocabulary – Are You Using This Incredible Tool?

Success Vocabulary - Use this incredible tool!The most important factor in your entrepreneurial business success is the way you FEEL.

And this applies whether you’re a voice-over artist, a writer, an audio engineer, a designer, or a performer, or any other independent business person.

If you feel great, you’re energized.

You’re optimistic.

You’re willing to work hard and more easily find solutions to any challenges that arise.

On the other hand, [Read more…]