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We were looking for a warm, friendly, British female voice to help us launch CALL THE MIDWIFE in the US, and we were very fortunate to find Maxine. She fit the bill perfectly, bringing a lovely touch of humanity to our promo campaign. And she's a joy to work with as well!
Eric Yeater
PBS Creative Services


Maxine is a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism coupled with her wonderful voice quality makes working with her a breeze. Whether she's using her native British voice or her pitch perfect American accent, you will get that perfect voiceover for your project. In addition, her flexibility with respect to process -- scratch, final record, pick-ups and editing selects -- makes our job easier, and the final product better.

Greg Duncan
Creative Director, GMake.TV

If there was ever a one person show it would be Maxine Dunn. As a project manager I have to coordinate talents and clients and that becomes tricky sometimes because of egos on both sides. But with Maxine that is not an issue. Maxine is the most professional talent I have ever worked with, and when you deal with Fortune 500 clients you need a talent who understands direction as well as client perspective. Maxine has the ability to listen to a client and then turn around and give them exactly what they want. When it comes to female talent, Maxine is at the top of a very short list.

Richard Moseley
Project manager - Xerox Global

Working with Max was an uncommon delight! After working on over twenty films, I can honestly say that her talent and versatility are top notch in the industry. Her sensitive and powerful narration gave our film the final polish it needed to impact audiences. If you want top results, work with top professionals.

Max is it.

Brad McLain
Space Science Institute

Are you looking for a unique female voice for your project?


You've come to exactly the right place.

If you're creating an outstanding broadcast or commercial product for your client, working with a skilled, experienced, professional talent who has hands-on creative knowledge of your industry is KEY to your success.

You want to work with someone you can trust to deliver an exceptional and efficient performance each and every time. Someone who understands superior client relationships, the importance of deadlines, and who makes your satisfaction her highest priority. Whether your project requires a professional corporate narration, a friendly and sincere e-learning coach, a documentary-style speaker or voice-over for television or radio commercials, Maxine Dunn can help you.


Maxine brings to your project the desirable combination of ~

  Maxine has always delighted in going above and beyond what her clients expect of her which consistently results in a top-notch product that is the best it can be.

In my 20+ years of working in commercial audio production, I have worked with many Voice Talent professionals on a variety of formats; from online course-ware, to corporate productions, to TV and Radio commercial spots for National Broadcast. In that time there has been one singular Voice Professional who consistently stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest. Maxine Dunn is without a doubt the most professional, most precise, best rehearsed and simply the fastest Voice Talent I have ever had the pleasure to record in my booth. She always arrives extremely well prepared. Her reads are consistently smooth and well defined. She always seems to understand the content so as to deliver the correct emphasis and inflection in her read. Her diction is impeccable, always perfectly clear and understandable. And she has great control of her tone, providing a wide array of "sounds" and "feels". I simply cannot recommend Maxine enough. If all the Voice Talent in the world were as fantastic as Maxine, my production life -  and especially my editing life -  would be a lot easier!  

Gene Crout
Owner/Producer, Audio Digital


Experience and skill matter ~

Maxine Dunn is a top voice-over artist and on-camera spokesperson who has been seen and heard in hundreds of commercials, documentaries, corporate narrations, voice-mail systems, e-learning programs, and websites.

She enjoys making every experience in working with her a pleasure. Her top-ranking clients include: AT&T, Xerox, The Walt Disney Company, Warren Miller Films, NASA, United Airlines, Proctor & Gamble, MetLife, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few. Many of her top clients have been using her talents for years, which is a clear indication of the level of satisfaction she provides to her customers.

Maxine is a British native with a genuine, articulate but not “over-the-top” British accent. She also has the ability to deliver a perfect American accent, allowing her to promote a tremendously wide range of products and services. As an expert with both the teleprompter and ear prompter, she's warm and engaging on-camera, highly directable, and is very much at home either on location or on a green screen.

She enjoys working with Fortune 100 companies, award-winning creative teams, and maintains an extensive clientele, locally, nationally, and internationally. Her professionally equipped home recording studio allows her to collaborate on voice-over projects for clients all over the world. Maxine of course is also happy to travel to professional recording studios, if that is what your project calls for.


So first, listen to her demos ~

As she works with a British and an American accent, you may want to listen to both her British and American demos to see which accent would work best for your product, project, or event. Click on the “demo” link in the navigation bar to listen to her commercial, narration, and corporate/e-learning demos in both British and American accents. You won't be disappointed!


Next, email Maxine about your project ~

Email Maxine to let her know your requirements and the details of your project and start the dialogue of what your needs are. Serious inquiries only please.

Please email Maxine@maxinedunn.com


And lastly ~

Discover what some of Maxine's clients have said about their experience of working with her by visiting the “Testimonials” page.

And be sure to sign up for her fun and informative weekly newsletter, The Creative Business Advisor. See details by clicking on the “Newsletter” link above.

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